Sunday, May 31, 2009

X-Raided - Unforgiven Vol. 1

Oh shit... Don't feel bad about downloading this. X-Raided might really need your money, but he's also in prison for a 50 something year count for murder. Even if that freaks you out, you should still give this cd a listen. Part of the joy that comes in listening to it is knowing the background. This cd came out while X-Raided was in prison in 1999, and he had to sneak recording equipment into his cell, and make friends with wardens and prisoners to create this record. When he's rapping, He is incredibly misanthropic (as stated in "Misanthropy"), yet there are moments where you feel like he has a certain boyish charm... he is one of the hardest, thuggest motherfuckers in the rap game, of all time, but the sly, mischievous nature of his character adds a whole new dimension to him, and in my opinion makes him much more... insane. If you'd like to know more, i'd recommend you check out the wikipedia article, which i will post here as well. Check out this cd. It's pretty dark. But it still buuumps.

check out just what X-raided did... It's pretty fucked up:

Get the CD here:

King Missile - 1999 Live in Rochester, NY (The Green Album)

This big old hip hop series is making me antsy, so before we finish it up, I got some good old King Missile that's already on the internets. There is no cover art for this show, so I will present you with the anatomy of one of the most king-like of missiles, the german V-2 rocket. It sure is big, ain't it...

Anyway, the music here is great, as expected from all the King Missile musicians. Check out live songs like "I'm Open," or everybody's favorite, "Detachable Penis," and see how their sound differs from live and in the studio. Great, funny... just check it out.

Get the show here!:

Senim Silla - The Name, The Motto, The Outcome

Wow, it has been 19 days since my last post here. Sorry about that, been busy with school work, friends, laziness... Anyway, following up on Binary Star's mammoth hip-hop record Masters of The Universe we have here the recent (2007) Senim Silla solo album The Name, The Motto, The Outcome. When I first listened to it, I was a little disappointed. "It's just not binary star" i thought, saddened. But you know... I gave it a couple more listens, and wow, did my mind change. It was all I played in my car for several weeks. Constantly. Seriously. There are parts in the cd that might turn you off on a first listen, but don't let them turn you away completely. I won't go into much detail on the few samples that to me are out of place, because I swear to god, when Senim raps, he's ALWAYS on point. The Name, The Motto, The Outcome has become one of my favorite rap records. I seriously recommend checking out it out.

Get it here:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

OOIOO -- Taiga

An all-female group founded by Boredoms drummer (and sometimes trumpeter and vocalist) Yoshimi P-We, OOIOO shares much of the musical style of the better-known Boredoms. Frantic, percussive, chaos like only a group of Japanese girls could do.

Hijokaidan -- Live CD (Don't know what the japanese title means)

1)I don't think this is the right album art. 2) The first track of this live cd is a recording of a guy throwing up. 3) This album is fucking hardcore.

Mainliner -- Mainliner Sonic

Some more Mainliner.

Mainliner -- Kamikaze

Some more Mainliner.

V.A. -- Extreme Music From Japan

Just what the title implies.

Flower Travellin' Band -- Satori

This stuff is quintessential Japanese psych. I have heard some people compare FTB to Led Zeppelin, but I've never really been a huge Zeppelin fan so I can't comment on that. The music is very melodic and jammy but keeps a nice raw feel. Although the two main tracks are good, the treasure for me is the bonus song Map.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Binary Star - Masters Of The Universe

In return from the weekend, I've picked up a couple of hip hop cds. Although this is not one of them, I was inspired to post a series of the realest, sickest hip hop cds I've come across. For the first post, I think it's only fitting to put up Binary Star's Masters of the Universe. Released in 2000, my brother first showed me this cd when I must have been twelve or thirteen, and it completely opened my fragile, tender eyes up to hip hop. To this day, after having listened to hip hop constantly ever since, I can still say this cd is one of the best rap records I've ever heard. Binary Star is all about the importance of self-expression in hip hop and all against the commercialism that has become attached to it. The gritty beats are perfect in their nature bacause this cd is raw (the beat on KGB is a badass Gregorian chant). It is raw yet not flawed by it at all. I highly, highly recommend checking it out.

Binary Star is:
Senim Silla
One Be Lo

Get it Here:


We at the Tender Playground would like to apologize for the delay in posts. We have stuff on our plates. Fear not, in minutes there will be many a new record up. Sit tight.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Internet

This internet is quite a strange thing. Sometimes it works at my house, and sometimes it does not. Alas, such is, and has been, my relationship with this strange creature. Unfortunately, as I am on a friend's computer, I have no music to post. But as some consolation, I give to you this measly, un-clickable link:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Magical Power From Mars

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. is my favorite incarnation of Kawabata Makoto's Acid Mothers collective. They have a focus on rhythm and grooves that some of the other incarnations of the collective have left behind, on a quest for a more experimental sound. There is a heavy eastern influence on these tracks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Les Rallizes Denudes - '77 Live

Before I say anything about the music on this cd, I want to tell you how I came to have it, which, I think, is a pretty funny story. I was in New York, visiting my sisters, and wanted to get some music. One of my sisters, and her boyfriend of the time, took me to a store called Other Music (I've mentioned it before, I think). This was a couple of years ago, before I knew much about Japanese Psychedelic music. So after browsing for about 20 minutes, and not finding anything I wanted, I told her that I was ready to leave. Apparently, one of the employees heard me. I turned around to find myself staring at a scrawny, bearded, curly-haired, music-nerd employee. "What are you into?" he asked. I think I told him something along the lines of acid mothers, soft machine, etc. He goes and gets this cd, and upon returning excitedly exclaims, "Dude, this shit is so far out there! You gotta be trippin' your ass off to even begin to understand this!" I looked at my sister - both of us were trying not to laugh. Two things were going through my mind: 1) this guy is ridiculously funny and, 2) he might be on to something. So I bought the cd.

Les Rallizes Denudes is now one of my favorite bands, not only because of their music, which I will elaborate on later, but also because of their historical, cultural, and social relevance. The band formed in 1967, and in 1970, the band's original bass player, Moriaki Wakabayashi, was involved in the hi-jacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351, orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army. The JRA were a militant ultra-leftist group, founded by Fusako Shigenobu, responsible for numerous terrorist attacks. Les Rallizes Denudes singer, Takashi Mizutani, was supposedly offered a role in the hi-jacking of Flight 351, but turned it down. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the band's political actions, try and think of one band from the United States or England, or anywhere really, who has been this active. It's interesting stuff to me...but now onto the music.

There is a very psychedelic sound here. Lots of reverb on the guitar and vocals along with some really nice sounding fuzzy distortion. At times, this cd reminds me of early American Surf-Music. Then, at other times, there are long noisy jams that are quite original and esoteric, yet still very accessible. It is a great honor to present to you Les Rallizes Denudes.

Disc 1:
Disc 2:

King Missile - Happy Hour

Following up on Mystical Shit, we have here King Missile's Happy Hour. Featuring Smash Hits like "Detachable Penis," "Metanoia," and everybody's favorite, "Sink"!

King Missile started when frontman spoken word poet John S. Hall decided it would be nice to have some music behind his work. He picked up Bongwater guitarist Dogbowl, Chis Xefos, and Steve Dansiger on drums. Dogbowl left, so Hall picked up the other Bongwater guitarist, Steve Rick, and completed the line-up heard on this album. But that's only one of the, very many line ups this band has gone through. Pick this one up and give "Detachable Penis" another listen. You might think differently about it this time around...

Get it Here:

King Missile - Mystical Shit

King Missile is one of our favorite bands here at the Tender Playground. You might remember a hit song of theirs by the name of "Detachable Penis"... But I don't think you remember how utterly brilliant it was. In honor of this wonderful band, I will dedicate myself to posting a whole mess of incredible King Missile, along with their multiple reformations and offshoots. This record, Mystical Shit, Is a great place to start. I seriously recommend this cd... Don't pass it up.

"This is it. This is Mystical Shit."

Get it here:

Bongwater - The Big Sell-Out

Following up on Sven's posting of Bongwater's The Peel Session, here we have The Big Sell Out. The last album they made before the group dissolved, The Big Sell Out is a great note to end on. Serious songs about love and relationships mixed with hilarious lounge breaks, drifting downbeat tempos, and hard rocking grooves make this cd a very enjoyable listen. Some favorite tracks of mine are "Ye Olde Backlash," "Free Love Messes up my Life," "I Wanna Talk about it Now," and "Celebrity Compass." Give this'un a listen and find your own... they're all good.

Get it Here:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mainliner - Psychedelic Polyhedron

Alright, so I've decided not to post the albums of But Does It Have To Be So Loud? in chronological order because, well... I don't really want to.

For the first post of the series I am giving you Mainliner's 1997 release Psychedelic Polyhedron. This cd is really really loud. It is hard to describe the style of the band, but anyone who has heard Acid Mothers Temple will hear similarities. And rightfully so. Kawabata Makoto, the leader of AMT,is also the guitarist for Mainliner. Although the group is only comprised of three members - bassist, guitarist, drummer - there is enough noise here to do some serious damage to your hearing. But it's not just noise. Mainliner is all about riffin',jammin', and rockin'.

So strap on your helmets, crank up the volume, and please enjoy Mainliner.

P.S. Comments are greatly appreciated! Let us know how we are doing!

The Complete Blind Willie Johnson

Why, hello again. Today I have something very special for you. This double cd, The Complete Blind Willie Johnson, is essential listening. These songs, bluesy and spiritual, were first recorded for Columbia Records in 5 different sessions, from 1927-1930. Known as one of the best delta slide guitarists, he's had an undeniable influence on later musicians, including Led Zeppelin (his picture is in their second album), Son House, Bob Dylan, Beck, and the White Stripes, who have all covered at least one of his songs. His guttural, bassy voice is unmatched, and the guitar work is wonderful too! Perhaps greatest of all is that the sound has been uncomprimised for 80 years; each recording sounds incredibly authentic. Have him play for you at home, or maybe drive around and have him in your backseat, because when you listen to this it sounds as if he's right there with you. Blind Willie Johnson has a tremendous force behind his music, and it should not be missed by anyone! Crucial listening for delta blues fans.

Get it here:

P.S: more to come later tonight. I'm at school right now goddamnit!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

But Why Does It Have To Be So Loud?

Ahh... the American 1960's. What a wonderful time. Free Love, Flower Power, Anti-War Demonstrations, Lava Lamps. The 60's also brought about the genesis of psychedelic music. In Britain there was Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, King Crimson, etc. America claimed Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, Blue Cheer, and many others. But what was going on in Japan? Many are surprised to find that in Japan there existed a psychedelic music scene that put both America and England to shame in terms of musical energy, activism, terrorist activity, noise, and my two favorites, DISTORTION and LOUDNESS. In the near future I will be posting a set of albums, which will collectively comprise a series of sorts, that I have decided to call But Why Does It Have To Be So Loud? The albums will all be from Japanese artists, ranging in time from the 60's and 70's to the present, with bands that are still releasing new material. So get yourself ready for some of the loudest and craziest music I have to offer.

Phoenix Orion - 3080 Flux

Welcome to Space rap nebulae. I don't exactly know what to say about Phoenix Orion's 3080 Flux, this is a weird cd. Every song title is one word or less (eg. 3080, Nasa, Cryo, etc.), but the music is excellent. Orion's flow can go from calm to erratic several times in a single measure, and has a little comic book nerd feel to him. Syndakit's beats bob your head and there's tons of obscure samples. I picked this up at my local hip hop record store Basement Gear, that now relegates their cd sales to unorganized, milk crates... but eh, they're kind of fun to dig through. I'd recommend checking this out if you're looking for some quality obscure rap. Arnold says Do It Now!

Track Listing:
1. 3080 - 5:20
2. Nasa - 5:14
3. Alien - 5:35
4. Life - 3:51
5. Cryo - 5:39
6. Raise - 3:33
7. Proto - 3:59
8. Warp - 5:24
9. Data - 1:18
10.Flux - 8:33
11.3080 Bonus- 4:59

Get it Here:

The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better

This album, No One Can Do It Better, has to be in my top 3 hip hop records of all time. The D.O.C. started out in Houston, Texas, but soon moved to Los Angeles after Eazy-E asked him to be a part of his Ruthless Records label. From then on, The D.O.C. was a member of N.W.A., but didn't get most of the credit he deserved. He ended up ghostwriting for Eazy (along with Ice Cube), Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and several others. He's pretty responsible for the success these rappers have had. This album was received very well by critics, but soon after its release The D.O.C. got in a terrible car accident and severly damaged his vocal chords. He released an album after the accident, Helter Skelter, but it just wasn't same. I'd recommend checking it out, he sounds like a demon, but its not easy to listen to. People thought he would never rap again, until VERY recently. Snoop persuaded The D.O.C. to see a vocal specialist, who would say that his vocal chords "had not been severed nor crushed" and could be repaired up to 70%.

I just found this out!

Anyways, this album is an undeniable hip hop masterpiece. All of the production is early, funky Dr. Dre. There are a lot of stand out tracks on this cd, so give 'em all a listen. The last song, "The Grand Finale" features every member of N.W.A (sans The Arabian Prince), and it's definitely one of their best songs. Ya'll ready for this?

Track Listing:

Get it here:

WC And The Maad Circle - Curb Servin'

For the first Hip Hop record on The Tender Playground, I present to you WC and the Maad Circle - Curb Servin'. I must have picked this cd up about a year ago at good old Amoeba, and I've been bumpin' it in the jeep ever since. Hailing from LA, WC is a member of hip hop supergroup Westside Connection. This was the Maad Circle's second cd, and in my opinion their best. Whether it's the hilarity of WC, the brief appearance of Coolio (!!!!), or just the supreme funkiness of the music, this cd will make you smile. Perfect for chilling out, driving, whatever. Check it haut

TrAAck Listing:

1. Intro - 1:39
2. West Up! (ft. Ice Cube and Mack 10) - 4:44
3. Granny Nuttin' Up - 0:22
4. The One - 3:52
5. Crazy Break, Pt. 2 - 0:36
6. Put on tha Set - 3:59
7. In a Twist (ft. Coolio!!!) - 4:19
8. Homesick - 4:29
9. Feel Me - 4:25
10. Curb Servin' - 4:17
11. Stuckie Mack - 0:33
12. Wet Dream - 2:55
13. Taking Ova - 3:39
14. Kill a Habit - 4:01
15. Reality Check - 0:49
16. Creator - 5:12

Get it ryght hur:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick note

Alright, just got back from an 11 hour skool day, so I have not had a n'er nada second to post any music. But fear not, within mere hours, there's some bomb hip hop comin' that will drop your ass like a bad bean pod if you're not careful. Stay tuned!

Kool Hercamir

Notes on The Metamorphosis

Gotta copy and paste this one:

Quintessence - In Blissful Company

Oboy, Oboy, I am very excited to post this cd! Quintessence is a very unique and influential band, hailing from Great Britain, and this stuff is very psychedelic. There are heavy grooves lead by a stellar rhythm section, great chant-like vocals, beautiful guitar and flute work, and a medley of other goodies. In case you couldn't tell by the title and album art, this was intended to be a very spiritual cd. All of the members of the band were Hindu's and Hare Krishna's and the Eastern influence is definitely evident in the instrumental and vocal content. In Blissful Company is some of the most beautiful music I have heard. Do yourself a favor and download this cd. Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

Om tat sat
O, mother when shall I be blessed by joining your blissful company

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thee Mighty Caesars - Caesar's Remains

Continuing with this punk theme from The Urinals, we have here Thee Mighty Caesars' Caesar's Remains. The album is a compilation of songs from 1985-1992, The band was formed by Billy Childish (real name Steven John Hamper, heh), an awesome artist of many mediums. The Mighty Caesars came to be after the end of Hamper's previous band, Thee Milkshakes. They've been described as punk, I think the word garage should be in the label, 'cause that to me is the closest you get to describing this band. Maybe garage-punk? What? I don't know. Regardless, It's a great cd, I recommend checkin' it out. Cadalina gets me goin'.

Get it Here:

Urinals - Negative Capability... Check It Out!

I picked up Negative Capability... Check It Out! a couple of months ago when I was in New York at a pretty cool record store called Other Music. It was a total impulse buy and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Urinals have a very unique sound that eludes easy categorization. I can say with certainty that they are a punk rock band...THE punk rock band, maybe. The Urinals are the most raw and sloppy punk band I have ever heard. At times it almost sounds like they only learned how to play their instruments a day before they became a band. But instrumental proficiency and complex composition aren't really important when the energy is this high. You will hear songs on this cd that you have heard before, but they are so fucked up beyond all recognition that you probably won't recognize them. Exhibit A: The Jetson's Theme. There's also a great rendition of Roky Erickson's You're Gonna Miss Me, which I would say is one of the first Punk Rock songs.

So sit back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy having your eardrums blown out!

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Altered States of America

This is the most brutal album ever. Agoraphobic Nosebleed made the Guinness Book of World Records after this record came out for most songs (99) on a cd. Within these 99 songs, there is mention of the Japanese subway gassings, the cult religion Makihari, forced LSD usage and research into its potential as a weapon, cannibalism, incest, etc. They are a metal group but do not fit into classification or sub-genre very well... This cd is completely postmodern. Give it a listen and see for yourself. I'd recommend listening to it all the way through with headphones while reading the lyrics. They are very hard to understand.

Here are the lyrics:

Get the record here:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bruce Haack - The Electric Lucifer

Bruce Haack's "The Electric Lucifer" is rightly considered one of the masterworks of 20th century electronic music. Originally recorded in 1968 and 1969 (and released in 1970) it is an album both unique in conception and super in realization. An eminently listenable work where Pop-Psychedelia and Moog/musique-concrete sounds coalesce around Haack's central metaphysical concept of "Powerlove," a force so powerful that it could end war and unify humankind. Acclaimed upon its original release (one of Rolling Stones favourite albums of 1970 amongst many citations) yet unavailable for over three decades, "The Electric Lucifer" is presented here for the first time on CD! Remastered and restored from the original master tapes recently discovered in the Columbia vault (and featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks)... "The Electric Lucifer" is your gateway to the profound yet playful universe of Bruce Haack, a "far-out" place where flower-power and inner-space electronics collide!

- Back of jewel case

As electronic music has been popularized on the dance floor in this backwards generation, it is refreshing to hear an electronic record that is meant to be listened to... even if its 40 years old. A moog masterpiece, "The Electric Lucifer" is a delight to listen to, and perhaps even important(!), to hear an earlier electronic music that we might not expect when thinking of the genre. This record is measured meticulously yet still completely insane, and I repeat, a real delight to listen to.

Get it HERE:

Second Hand - Reality

I found this gem at my local music store, Freak Beat Records. I highly recommend that anyone who lives in the San Fernando Valley check this place out. They buy and sell new and used records, cd's, and dvd's at great prices and have an awesome selection. I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so I will just give you the blurb from the back of the cd case:

Recorded by precocious London teenagers in 1968, Reality is a prog-psych landmark combining classic songwriting with swathes of mellotron and vicious guitar to unique, unsettling effect. This long-awaited official reissue has been painstakingly remastered to offer the best possible sound, and comes complete with four bonus tracks, rare photographs, and comprehensive liner notes from band leader Ken Elliott and producer Vic Keary (which you don't get to see because you are downloading this), making it an essential purchase for all lovers of British Psych.

This is a great cd that is not to be missed.

Brothers Unlimited - Who's For The Young

Alright, the dispensation of formalities has been appropriate for the last posts up here on the Tender Playground, but it would be a disservice to the Brother's Unlimited to say anything besides this cd fuckin' rules. The Brother's Unlimited are a 14 piece psychedelic funk/soul group that simply shine on Who's for the Young. With super-tight rhythms, unbelievable vocals reminiscent of Bobby Womack, and soul shaking grooves aplenty, this cd will make you move in even the most awkward of social situations. This record first appeared in 1970 and ever since it has been a "legendary rarity." For your listening pleasure, I present to you: The Brothers Unlimited - Who's for the Young.

Track Listing:

1. Who's For The Young - 3:04
2. A Change Is Gonna Come - 3:44
3. Got To Get Over - 2:54
4. Hey Little Rich Boy - 3:33
5. Get Away - 2:50
6. Life, Dreams, Death - 5:40
7. Spoonful - 3:33
8. Take Me Back - 2:10
9. What We Need Is Harmony - 2:48

Get it right here:

Skip Spence - Oar

Continuing with the folk theme, we have here Oar, by early Quicksilver Messenger Service guitarist (and early Jefferson Airplane drummer) Alexander "Skip" Spence. His story is a tragic one, as he seemed to be on a downward spiral from 1968 to his death from lung cancer in 1999. He suffered from mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism, and Oar captures his desolation in a haunting, yet beautiful album. This cd is much more psychedelically influenced than Neil's below, and its electricity blurs a distinction from folk to psych-rock. Regardless of classification, Oar is a record that stands out from Spence's other work. It is sad, heartfelt, and quite honestly, defiant of any other description.

Track Listin'

1. Little Hands - 3:43
2. Cripple Creek - 2:16
3. Diana - 3:32
4. Margaret-Tiger Rug - 2:18
5. Weighted Down (The Prison Song) - 6:27
6. War In Peace - 4:05
7. Broken Heart - 3:29
8. All Come To Meet Her - 2:04
9. Books of Moses - 2:45
10.Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang) - 2:51
11.Lawrence Of Euphoria - 1:31
12.Grey / Afro - 9:41

Get it ova hea':

Fred Neil - Echoes Of My Mind: The Best Of 1963-1971

Here we have a wonderful collection of folk legend Fred Neil. Neil played a huge part in the development of folk throughout the 60's and 70's, and has been cited as a huge influence from heavyweights like Dylan, CSNY, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, James Taylor and countless others. This record is a collection of live performances that show Neil at his best, and should be just as moving to newcomers of his music as well as those familiar with him.

Track Listin':

Get it here:

Gun - Gunsight

Howdy 'gin. Today I present to you the little known, British acid rock band Gun. Gunsight, their second album, is a new found favorite of mine. Originally released in 1969, this album had no hits and flopped terribly. I would like to disagree and say every song on this cd is a hit, but I'll leave it up to ya'll to decide. From the drifting riffing in Head in the Clouds, the bluesy folk of Drown Yourself in the River, the beautiful ballad Angeline, the hard rocking Dreams and Screams, the Eastern influenced Situation Vacant, all the way to the last track Long Haired Wildman, Gun screams versatility on this record while still staying true to their psyche-rock vibe. A must have.

The Band:
Adrian Gurvitz - Guitar, vocals
Paul Gurvitz - Bass guitar, vocals
Louie Farrell - Drums

Track Listing:
1. Head In The Clouds - 4:40
2. Drown Yourself in the River - 2:56
3. Angeline - 5:37
4. Dreams and Screams - 5:17
5. Situation Vacant - 4:07
6. Hobo - 3:40
7. Lady Link, Pt. 1 - 0:51
8. Oh Lady You - 5:25
9. Lady Link, Pt. 2 - 0:39
10.Long Hair Wildman - 3:51

Get it here:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bongwater - The Peel Sessions

This is a four track EP from Bongwater. I was first introduced to Bongwater by a friend from the college I used to go to and this is the first cd of theirs that I bought. I thought I'd post this because it is out of print and, probably, pretty hard to find. The first track, You Don't Love Me Yet, is a unique rendition of the Roky Erickson song. The next track, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, continues with the motifs of rejection, loss, and regret, opening with a dedication to those who have died from AIDS. Track 3, The Power of Pussy, is much lighter in tone -- with the jazzy instrumentals and loungey Ann Magnuson vocals in the introduction. Track 4, Rental Car Blues, is a fun, bluesy, and funky song with awesome guitar work.

All in all, this is a pretty good album, even with all of the cheesiness, and I would reccomend it to Bongwater fans and newcomers alike.

David Licht - Drums
Mark Kramer - Vocals/Bass
Dogbowl - Guitar
Randolph Hudson III - Guitar
Ann Magnuson - Vocals

Link in Comments
P.S. Kool Herc or I will probably post The Big Sell-Out in the near future, which has some damn fine album art.

Zen - Tanbul

Howdy ya'll. In honor and celebration of May Day, as well as the conception of The Tender Playground, I have decided to share with you one of the first albums that hooked me on psychedelia and Eastern fusion. Italian prog band Zen's third album, Tanbul, Is perhaps their finest. Combining heavy influences of Turkish psychedelia, eastern folk, and rock, this record truly must be heard to be believed. Utilizing traditional Turkish instruments along with samplers, electric guitars and alien sounding vocals, Tanbul stands out as an exemplary achievement of psych-rock that is entirely original.

The Band:
Merih Oztaylan - Vocals, sampler
Levent Akman - Rhythm machines, hand cymbals, percussion
Bill Macbeath - Double bass, bass guitar
Murat Ertel - Saz (not sax), guitar, vocals
Emre Onel - Darbuka, sampler, percussions
Cevdet Erek - Drums

Track Listing:
1. Ariza Oyun Havasi - 2:12
2. Derdimi Anla - 4:53
3. Duz Gel - 6:26
4. Tanbul - 5:28
5. Asir Hasta - 2:01
6. Yalan - 2:39
7. Iki Teker - 1:49
8. Ben De Yalnizim - 7:10
9. Baaartma Beni - 3:00
10. Yavastan Gel - 1:26
11. Uzun Dus - 14:20

Download Link in Comments