Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ween - The Friends EP

"The Friends EP" features 5 brand new songs, none of which will appear on the new full length Ween album scheduled to be released this fall on a "real" record label, not Chocodog. We have recorded a lot of new material the past year and we wanted to give you an appetizer for the summer. It is the ultimate party record, filled with good beats and good times. Perfect for your barbecue or doing bong hits or whatever it is that you guys do.

- Chocodog website

This is not a record I would recommend to anybody trying to grasp exactly what Ween's sound is, but regardless, it is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. The expected genre hopping is definitely present on this cd, but I really don't want to spoil the fun for anybody. If you like it, go buy a goddamn Ween cd. Even if you don't, go buy a goddamn ween cd.

sHEAVY - Celestial Hi-Fi

Oh boy, this record right here is a personal favorite. sHEAVY's Celestial Hi-Fi, released in 2000, is perfect rock & roll. There have been plenty of comparisons to Black Sabbath, which are no doubt understandable (one reviewer called previous album The Electric Sleep "the best Black Sabbath album in 25 years), but I think sHEAVY finally found their own sound on this. Crunchy riffs, lots of distortion, and some of my favorite vocals ever. Check this one out if you like rock & roll. You're a pussy if you don't.

P.S: interesting story about the name. They originally wanted to be named heavy, but alas, the name was taken, so they slapped an s on there. The rest... is history.

Witch - Witch

Witch, formed in 2005 by Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis, should be a staple of your stoner rock/doom diet. Released in 2006 on Tee Pee Records. Great listening for blazing down the freeway, at your house, apartment, dorm room, and so forth. Just be sure to turn whatever volume knobs you are operating with to full blast, 420 db, whichever is loudest... you should know the drill by now. Highly Recommended.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some More On Cosmic Perspectives

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, at Beyond Belief '06, doin' what he does best.

Quote of the Moment

Fellow musicians, always remember:

"How you play a note is just as important as what the note is."
- Henry Kaiser

As if the act of quoting wasn't unoriginal enough, I saw this posted on the Innernette, already quoted, so is this a quote of a quote? A stolen quote? Regardless, if you visit this link

you'll not only see the quote, but some other very cool things, like this celestial harp, made "to play a person’s horoscope, or to play the horoscope of the very moment one was living in."

Pretty cool website. Visit the gallery for a gaggle of odd instruments. Take care now. Please, just, take care.

This Is A Mix I Made

Animal Collective sucks!
Alright, so this is a mix I made. Chances are that it will kick your ass because I made it. I listen to this when I drive around. Listening to this mix will most likely make you less of a wuss. I think the order of songs might have gotten fucked up in the process of zipping, so here is the correct order:
At Giza - Om
Black Cat Bone - Goatsnake
Iron Swan - The Sword
Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks, And Cannibal Girls (from Beavis and Butthead Do America) - White Zombie
Seer - Witch
The Sundering - The Sword
Hot Chicks & Hell Queens - Brain Police
Troll - Thorr's Hammer
Grip The Wheel - Earthride
Killfornia (Ed Kemper) - Church Of Misery
Tsunami - 35007

P.S. If you particularly like one of these bands, leave a comment and I will post a full album by said band.

And Also: The above picture is not meant to represent any of my political beliefs. I just think it is funny.

Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nath Family - Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmer

Snake Charming music. Go to Digital Meltd0wn to see the full story, which came from yet another blog.

Rocket From The Tombs - The Day The Earth Met...

Very possibly my favorite punk band of all time. Not definitely, but definitely possible. Rocket from the Tombs never came out with any cd's before this, but played shows in the seventies, and actually got back together for a brief stint in 2003, when this album was released, and again in 2006. This is not an official studio release of new songs, but a compilation of demo recordings, live preformances, and so on. Tracks like So Cold and Ain't It Fun are just some the best "fuck you" or "I don't care" songs i've ever heard... RFTT is a personal favorite of mine, and I'm simply delighted to share them with you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Warren Zevon - Preludes: Rare And Unreleased Recordings

Description coming soon...

Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon

If it weren't for the amazing collection of rare Zevon recordings (Preludes) posted above, This self titled cd may take the cake as my favorite record of his. But, since we simply cannot deny the existence of that wonderfully crafted compilation, this record goes 2nd (out of 22). Recorded in '75, released in '76, this is classic Zevon, unmarred by the 80's sound he embraced (all too well in my opinion) on records like The Envoy and Transverse City. If you are just learning about Mr. Zevon now, which is definitely something to be ashamed of, you really can't go wrong with this album. Every song is beautifully composed, often with string sections written by The Man himself. One of my all time favorites, get this record.

Monday, July 20, 2009

OM - Conference Of The Birds

1995 brought with it the tragic dissolution of what I consider to be one of the greatest heavy-metal bands of all time: Sleep. After having released three awesome albums the band began work on their magnum-opus, entitled "Dopesmoker", a 1+ hour long epic song about a group of people known as the "weedians" who are on a quest to essentially "drop out of life with bong in hand" and "follow the smoke to the riff-filled land". Many have still not come to terms with the breaking-up of this great band...and I cannot blame them. But in 2003, Sleep fans were given a reason to pick up their bongs and begin a new journey -- OM had been formed, a band that consisted of ex-Sleep members Chris Hakius and Al Cisneros (drummer and bassist, respectively). Their first album, "Variations On A Theme", recalls Sleep with it's slow, down-tuned, and distorted riffs, but also brought with it a unique meditative quality that the band has continued to explore to this day. And "Conference Of The Birds" is no exception. It opens with the trance-inducing "At Giza", a song clocking in at over 15 minutes. "At Giza" is unique in that it is a VERY HEAVY song, but features no distortion until the last two minutes or so. The band switches it up with the next track "Flight Of The Eagle", a more distorted and less ethereal jam that still has its own trance-inducing qualities. I really can't recommend this album highly enough.
And for those who are interested, the band is releasing a new cd on September 8th, entitled "God Is Good", which features a new drummer, Emil Amos, and is being produced by Steve Albini!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pale Blue Dot

Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds.

Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.

-Carl Sagan

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston - It's Spooky

"Daddy, who is the God of rock 'n' roll?"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

JFA - Blatant Localism

I started listening to JFA when I was around 15...8th or 9th grade probably. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I found out about them...I want to say I heard them playing in a record store, but I'm not sure. But that's not so important.
JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) are a hard-core-skate-punk that formed in '81. The band's name is a sort of tastelessly awesome homage to the attempted assassination of former president Ronald Reagan (who seemed to be on par with Hitler for most punks of the time). John Hinckley Jr., Reagan's would-be assassin, who had a sick obsession with Jodie Foster, thought, for some strange reason, that killing the president and becoming a national celebrity would somehow impress Foster. Hinckley's plan kind of back-fired in that: 1)he did not kill the president 2)he did not impress Jodie Foster, and 3)he is still in a psych-hospital.
A'right now, enough with the history lesson. The music here is fast, abrasive, and charmingly pissed-off. There are less politically-tinged lyrics than you'd expect. In the end, you can tell that these guys just wanted to drink beer, skate, and play some great music.
For fans of Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedy's, etc.

Buckethead - Kaleidoscalp

Buckethead has played guitar for Guns and Roses, he has played with Les Claypool too. this Cd, Kaleidoscalp, released in November of 2005, is Buckethead's first collaboration with John Zorn, executive producer of this cd, and founder of the wonderful record label Tzadik (which this album was released on). This cd is badass... heavy rock interspersed with circuit bent toys and instruments, sometimes brutal and other times almost virginal-delicate. Old monster movies and the like put a heavy influence in Buckethead's sound, and his embrace of camp does not make this music one dimensional. Why, I'd say it makes it multi-dimensional. Check it out and see for yourself.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nirvana - Bleach

I highly recommend this to Nirvana fans who have only listened to Nevermind or In Utero.
"It was like I'm pissed off. Don't know what about. Let's just scream negative lyrics, and as long as they're not sexist and don't get too embarrassing it'll be okay. I don't hold any of those lyrics dear to me." -Kurt Cobain